the wind

living in a new world

1984 lp usa midnight records mirlp 121

1986 studio recording

  lane steinberg: guitar, vocals
  roy abrams: guitar, keyboards, bass
  steven katz: bass, keyboards, vocals
  donny nelson: drums, percussion
  frank london: trumpet

produced by the wind

side one

  1. living in a new world  (l.steinberg-s.katz)

  2. good news, bad news  (l.steinberg-s.katz)

  3. something tells me  (l.steinberg-s.katz)

  4. apricot drive  (l.steinberg-s.katz)

  5. nothing's the same  (l.steinberg-s.katz)

  6. more or less  (l.steinberg-s.katz)

side two

  1. wake up  (l.steinberg-s.katz)

  2. happy to know her  (l.steinberg-s.katz)

  3. i can't say no to you  (l.steinberg-s.katz)

  4. stuck  (l.steinberg-s.katz)

  5. dying to be different  (l.steinberg-s.katz)

  6. sushi bar  (l.steinberg-s.katz)