the wind

where it's at with the wind

1982 lp usa cheft air-1001

1982 studio recording

lane steinberg: guitar, vocals
steven katz: bass, vocals
stephen burdick: drums-vocals  

produced by the wind

side one

  1. what's the fun ?  (l.steinberg-s.katz)

  2. i am the garden  (l.steinberg-s.katz)

  3. bad eloise  (l.steinberg-s.katz)

  4. never love another  (l.steinberg-s.katz)

  5. you changed  (l.steinberg-s.katz)

  6. wonder track  (l.steinberg-s.katz)

  7. some friend (you turned out to be)  (l.steinberg-s.katz)

side two

  1. something's gonna happen (l.steinberg-s.katz)

  2. hey, mister ! (l.steinberg-s.katz)

  3. it doesn't go that way (l.steinberg-s.katz)

  4. there lies the danger (l.steinberg-s.katz)

  5. she's nobody's girlfriend (s.burdick)

  6. take it back (l.steinberg-s.katz)

  7. slap in the face (l.steinberg-s.katz)