tom waits


1983 lp usa island records

    (1985, cd, europe, island records imcd 49)

tom waits: vocals, organ, piano, synthesizer
victor feldman: bass marimba, marimba
larry taylor: double bass, bass
randy aldcroft: horn, trombone
stephen taylor arvizu hodges: drums
fred tackett: electric guitar, banjo

produced by tom waits

all songs by tom waits 

  1. underground
  2. shore leave
  3. dave the butcher
  4. johnsburg, illinois
  5. 16 shells from a 30.6
  6. town with no cheer
  7. in the neighbourhood
  8. just another sucker on the vine
  9. frank's wild years
  10. swordfishtrombone
  11. down, down, down,
  12. soldier's things
  13. gin soaked boy
  14. trouble braids
  15. rainbirds