weather report

live and unreleased
    - feat.chester thompson

2002 2cd ?? ??

joe zawinal: fender rhodes, electric piano and synthesisers
wayne shorter: soprano sax and tenor sax
alphonso johnson: electric bass
chester thompson: drums
alex acuna: percussion
victor bailey: electric bass
omar hakin: drums
jose rossy: percussion & concertina
jaco pastorius: electric bass
peter erskine: drums
robert thomas: percussion
manolo badrena: percussion

  1. freezing fire
  2. plaza real
  3. fast city
  4. potrait of tracy
  5. elegant people
  6. cucumber slumber
  7. teen town
  8. man in the green shirt
  9. black market
  10. where the moon goes
  11. river people
  12. two lines
  13. cigano
  14. in a silent way / waterfall
  15. night passage
  16. port of entry
  17. rumba mama
  18. directions / dr. honoris causa