the wooden indians

celebration on the planet mars
    - a tribute to raymond scott

    1994    cd    nl    vpro eigenwijs ew 9410

robert veen: tenor sax, clarinet
ronald jansen heijmajer: clarinet
menno daams: trumpet
louis debij: percussion
jakob klaasse: piano, celeste
gert-jan blom: bass

produced by gert-jan blom and irwin chusid

  1. raymond scott speaks / war dance for wooden indians
  2. the toy trumpet
  3. powerhouse
  4. celebrationn on the planet mars
  5. boy scout in switzerland
  6. dinner music for a pack of hungry cannibals
  7. bird life in the bronx
  8. square dance for eight egyptian mummies
  9. the girl at the typewriter
  10. the penguin
  11. bumpy weather over newark
  12. ectoplasm
  13. peter tambourine
  14. twilight in turkey
  15. a street corner in paris
  16. reckless night on board an ocean liner
  17. egyptian barn dance
  18. snake woman
  19. dedicatroy piece to the crew and passengers of the first experimental rocket express to the moon