x-legged sally

The late Belgian band X-Legged Sally was a project by Peter Vermeersch and Pierre Vervloesem
X-Legged Sally recorded Frank Zappa's 'City Of Tiny Lites' on their fifth album.



  var.art.: live at the knitting factory, vol. 4
    (1990, cd, ??, kfworks) - feat. x-legged sally

wim vandekeybus: immer das selbe gelogen
    (1992, cd, bel, sub rosa) - music by calvo, verando, vermeersch, performed by charo calvo & x-legged sally


vandekeybus_immer.jpg (29788 bytes)

1 x-legged sally: slow-up
    (1992, cd, bel, sub rosa)

2 x-legged sally: killed by charity
    (1993, cd, bel, sub rosa)

3 x-legged sally: eggs and ashes
    (1994, cd, bel, sub rosa)

4 x-legged sally: the land of the giant dwarfs
    (1995, cd, bel, bang)
5 x-legged sally: fired
    (1997, cd, bel, bang) - incl.'city of tiny lites' (frank zappa)
6 x-legged sally & the smith quartet: bereft of a blissful union
    (1997, cd, bel, megadisc)
  wim vandekeybus: dance & short fiction films
    (2006, 3dvd-box, bel, ultima vez) - feat. peter vermeersch, thierry de mey, x-legged sally

vandekeybus_dance_dvdbox.jpg (108729 bytes)

  flat earth society / x-legged sally: fes xls
    (2014, 3cd, bel, igloo 254 - 256)

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  x-legged sally: [1986-1997] compilation cd
    (2014, cd, bel, igloo igl255)


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