les yeux de la tÍte

This free-jazz-rock trio (alto / baritone saxophone, electric bass, drums) was formed in 1998 in Caen, Normandy, France. At the time, their repertoire was a blend of original songs and tortured covers, ranging as far as Stravinsky, Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Astor Piazzola and above all, Frank Zappa. 


  les yeux de la tÍte: demo
    (1999, cdr, france, private release) - incl. 'king kong', 'oh no', (frank zappa)
lesyeuxdelatete_demo.jpeg (84451 bytes)
  les yeux de la tÍte: l'oeuf du cyclone
    (2007, cd, france, petit label pl kraft 009) - incl. 'cleetus awreetus-awrightus' (frank zappa) / re-issued in 2017
lydlt_loeuf.jpg (102422 bytes)
  les yeux de la tÍte: nerf
    (2010, cd, france, head records hr013 / rude awakening ra 2018)
lydlt_nerf.jpg (87717 bytes)
  les yeux de la tÍte: mosca violenta
    (2013, cd, france, head records)





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