frank zappa

night of the iron sausage

disc eight of the "20 years of frank zappa" box

[1] 1975/10/31-E- concert 'the felt forum', nyc, ny, usa
f.zappar.estradat.bozzion.m.brock, a.lewis, n.j.bell  

[2] 1977/10/31 concert 'the hartford civic center', connecticut, usa
f.zappa, a.belewp.o'hearnt.bozzio, e.mannt.mars, p.wolf & r.estrada


side one

  1. lonely little girl   [1]
  2. take your clothes off when you dance
  3. what's the uglies part of your body
  4. chunga's revenge

side two

  1. envelopes
  2. disco boy
  3. i promise not to come in your mouth
  4. wild love