frank zappa

beat club

2007 dvdr-bootleg russia ocularmusic m3550

german tv: "lieder-liches" with the mothers of invention concert at the beat club (1968/10/06) and an interview

frank zappa: guitar, piano, vocals
roy estrada: bass, vocals, gas mask
jimmy carl black: drums
arthur dyer tripp III: drums
ian underwood: alto sax, clarinet
don preston: keyboards, electronics, vocals
bunk gardner: tenor sax, soprano sax
motorhead sherwood: percussion

  1. jam / soundcheck

  2. interview

  3. king kong (last part)

  4. a pound for a brown (on the bus)

  5. sleeping in a jar

  6. afternoon of a sexually aroused gas mask

  7. uncle meat

  8. lohengrin (wagner)

  9. let's make the water turn black

  10. octandre (varèse)