frank zappa

puttin' on the ritz - volume 1

2014 2lp uk let them eat vinyl letv205lp

1981 11 17 - the ritz, new york, ny

  frank zappa: guitar, vocals
  steve vai: guitar
  ray white: guitar, vocals
  scott thunes: bass
  chad wackerman: drums
  ed mann: percussion
  tommy mars: keyboards
  robert 'bobby' martin: keyboards, vocals
special guests
  al dimeola: guitar (*)
  brian peters: vocals (**)

source = fm recording

all compositions by frank zappa, except where noted

side one

  1. treacherous cretins
  2. montana
  3. easy meat
  4. you are what you is
  5. mudd clubb
  6. the meek shall inherit nothing

side two

  1. dumb all over
  2. heavenly bank account
  3. suicide chump

side three

  1. jumbo go away
  2. envelopes
  3. drowning witch

side four

  1. what's new in baltimore?
  2. moggio
  3. bamboozled by love
  4. sinister footwear