zappa / beefheart / mothers

bongo fury (21)

1975 lp usa discreet
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released october 2, 1975

frank zappa: lead guitar, vocals
captain beefheart: harp, vocals
george duke: keyboards, vocals
napoleon murphy brock: saxophone, vocals
bruce fowler: trombone
tom fowler: bass
denny walley: slide guitar, vocals
terry bozzio: drums, moisture
chester thompson: drums

  1. debra kadabra
  2. carolina hard-core ecstasy
  3. sam with the showing scalp flat top
  4. poofter's froth wyoming plans ahead
  5. 200 years old
  6. cucamonga
  7. advance romance
  8. man with the woman head  (van vliet)
  9. muffin man