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In 2004, Furio Di Castri and Gianluco Petralla released "Under Construcion". The album included their version of Frank Zappa's 'Twenty Small Cigars'.

Also in 2004, Furio Di Castri presented a Zappa tribute called "Zapping". The Zappa tribute took place on 2004/05/10 at the 'Asioli di Correggio' in Parma, Italy. The event was called "Zapping - Jazz is not dead, It just smells funny". It featured Furio Di Castri, Stefano Bollani, Gianluca Petrella, Giorgio Canali, Gianni Maroccolo, Mauro Negri, Pierpaolo Ferroni, Cristiano Della Monica, Peppe Servillo, Giovanni Lindo Ferretti. 

setlist :

2008 saw the release of the "Zapping" album. The project used the musical ideas of Frank Zappa and of Thelonius Monk and translated these into new compositions. It featured:

  furio di castri & gianluca petrella: under construction
    (2004, cd, italy, wide sound jazz wwd135) - incl. 'twenty small cigars' (frank zappa)


furio di castri, nguyen le, rita marcotulli, eric vloeimans, joel allouche, mauro negri: zapping
    (2008, cd, italy, promo music) - incl. 'twenty small cigars' (frank zappa), and various zappa references

  barbara raimondi: accopiamenti giudiziosi
    (2008, cd, italy, kioné records kne003) - incl. 'oh no' (frank zappa)

barbararaimondi_accopiamenti.jpg (29318 bytes)


info from Mauro Porzi:

I wish to add some detail to "Zapping - a tribute to the music of Frank Zappa"

The band of italian jazz and rock musicians: Giovanni Lindo Ferretti: vocal  * Peppe Servillo: vocal *  Mauro Negri: sax, clarinet *  Gianluca Petrella (great musician!): trombone *  Stefano Bollani (the best!): piano *  Gianni Maroccolo: electric bass *  Furio Di Castri (artistic direction): acoustic bass *  Pierpaolo Ferroni: drums * Cristiano Della Monica: percussion

During the show Giovanni Lindo Ferretti (vocalist of rock group CSI and PGR) with a mask of Frank Zappa on the face read passages of writings of Frank Zappa before every song . I don’t remember the complete track list. Some of the songs are Peaches en Regalia, King Kong, The Black Page (as the version on Lather album) Let’s Move to Cleveland (fantastic piano solo of Bollani) Idiot Bastard Son (italian version sung by Peppe Servillo vocalist of pop group Piccola Orchestra Avion Travel) and many others that I don’t remember. However a night of very great music. I moved from Rome (420 km!) with my family for it!!!!.

info from Renzo Notari:

The exact setlist for the concert:

additional info:
- Mauro Porzi
- Luc Reniers
- Renzo Notari


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