z.e.r.o. / zappa early renaissance orchestra

- all compositions by frank zappa, feat. ike willis

2017 cd uk cordelia cd078


juliana brandon: voice and kazoo
ike willis: guitar and vocals
craig twister steward: harmonica
mark watson: voice
rupert kettle: lap steel guitar and dobro
joey kline: vocals
john parkinson: drums
joe trump: drums and percussion
prairie prince: drums
fred händl: piano
jimmy thomas: guitar
matt fox: guitar
karen luke-fildes: turkey baster
baby cheevers: vocals
tom vail: alto sax
ted clifford: synthesizer
niklas lychou: acoustic guitar and voice
magnus liljqvist: acoustic guitar
marty ross: guitar, mandolin
andrew greenaway: voice
herman schindler: programming, digital audio wiizardry
armin beck: electronic percussion, brass ection
kevin crosby: bass, bass ukulele, ukulele guitar, narration and sequencing, arrangements

co-produced by kevin crosby and rupert kettle

all compositions by frank zappa, except where noted
also included: an assortment of traditional corals and poems

  1. i'm the slime  /  555  (santa is coming to town)

  2. what's new in baltimore

  3. aybe sea  (night before christmas)

  4. centerville  /  holiday in berlin  (santaville holiday)

  5. purple lagoon  (jingle bells)

  6. ain't no santa on the evening stage  (don van vliet)

  7. igor's boogie phase two

  8. the oogie boogie song  (danny elfman)

  9. the girls wants to fix him some broth  (the twelve days of christmas)

  10. king kong  (we three kings kong medley)

  11. trouble comin every day  (god rest ye / good king / hark the herald)

  12. fifty-fifty  -  bonus track