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Issue number forty of Black Page magazine, released in august 1993 and celebrating ten years of Black Page magazine, presented the first appearance of the "big nOte files".
The transformation of the paper edition of Black Page magazine into the digital version (somewhere in 1999) resulted into http://www.geocities.com/pdoelder.geo/indexe.html, an excellent job by Aad to keep Piet's Black Page running.
About the same time, I started organising the "big nOte files" on my computer's hard disc, combining it with various lists and data I could get my hands on.
Early 2002, Reverend Neve asked me if was interested in webmastering his "Splat's Zappa Pages", an essential site about Frank Zappa that, a.o., also carried lots of info that came from the affz-newsgroup.
Originally started by Dirk Van De Moortel in 1994, continued by Douglas Obrecht and by Patrick after that, I hope that I can match their excellent work.
I thought I might be able to fit it all in the thing I was growing on my harddisc. If you're reading this, it means that I succeeded in putting (at least part of) it on the net.

Corrections, additions, etceteras are very welcome.

peter van laarhoven - 2002/03/03       peter.vanlaarhoven1965@gmail.com

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