acid casualties

panic station (1)
    - feat.arthur barrow, tom brown

1982 lp usa rhino rnlp 850

1982 studio recording

produced by mark avnet and harold bronson

  mark avnet: bass, vocals
  lou maxfield: guitar
arthur barrow: synthesizer
tom brown: drums
guests :
  robbie krieger: guitar
  robert greenberg: keyboards
  the magic plants: keyboards
  susie mckinley: vocals
  willio: backing vocals
  phillio: backing vocals

  1. point me at the sky (d.gilmour, r.waters)

  2. shadow street (l.maxfield, h.bronson)

  3. canyons of your mind (m.avnet, l.maxfield, h.bronson)

  4. solid ground (m.avnet, r.greenberg)

  5. a. armies of the sun
    b. the battle (m.avnet, l.maxfield, t.brown)

  6. fist heart mighty dawn dart (funny how the day comes)  (m.bolan)

  7. she's a lost soul (m.avnet, t.brown)

  8. floating  (l.maxfield, h.bronson)