aka pygmies


1992 cd bel carbon 7 c7-002

recorded live by fabrizio cassol in december 1991 at the nzomba encampment in the central african republic

the aka pygmies

produced by antoine prawerman, fabrizio cassol and carbon 7

  1. nzomba children I
  2. malala (leads the singing)
  3. malenke (and the children)
  4. coba (imitates percussion)
  5. nzomba son I
  6. ong in the forest
  7. nzomba dances and songs I (a pygmy plays trombone)
  8. nzomba games and songs I (relation between 'speaking' and 'singing')
  9. nzomba games and songs II
  10. nzomba games and songs III
  11. nzomba games and songs IV
  12. the man alone sings and dances in the camp
  13. nzomba dances and songs II
  14. hunting scene
  15. harp (played by coba)
  16. nzomba children II
  17. the storyteller
  18. nzomba dances and songs III