aka moon

invisible moon

2001 cd bel carbon 7 records c7-052

music from the dancetheaterproduction created with rosas and tg stan

recorded in 1999 and 2000

stéphane galland: drums
michel hatzigeorgiou: electric bass
fabrizio cassol: alto saxophone
fabian fiorini: keyboards
david gilmore: guitar
david linx: voice
benoît delbecq: prepared piano and keyboards
usha rajagopalan: violin
v.v.ravi: violin
c.n.chandrashekar: violin
umayalpuram k.sivaraman: mridamgam 

all compositions by fabrizio casso, except where noted

  1. worlds of possible
  2. brothers and games
  3. dragon
  4. the house of siva
  5. three
  6. the wedding
  7. mother of intuition