albert ayler


In 2007, Cuneiform Records released an Albert Ayler tribute album. The project was initiated by guitarist Henry Kaiser and included Vinny Golia on reeds, Aurora Josephson on vocals, Mike Keneally on piano, guitar and vocals, Joe Morris on guitar and bass, Damon Smith on bass, Weasel Walter on drums, and Henry Kaiser on guitar.

This tribute album focusses on the music that Albert Ayler created in the last three years of his life: "Love Cry" (1967), New Grass" (1968), and "Music Is The Healing Force" (1969). All three albums came out on the Impulse label.
Although Albert Ayler is known as a free jazz innovater, the music that he made from 1967 until his death are vocally oriented, theme-based and have a rhythmical structure.


  golia, josephson, kaiser, keneally, morris, smith & walter: healing force - the songs of albert ayler
    (2007, cd, usa, cuneiform records rune 255) - feat. henry kaiser, mike keneally




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