alien bitesize

alien bitesize  (1)
- incl. 'pygmy twylyte' (frank zappa)

2006 cd belgium mogno music mogno j021

  sylvain luc: tenor & soprano sax, loops & fx
  wouter berlaen: bass & fx
  lionel beuvens: drums 'n cowbells
  dj rob: turntables & scratches
  mr.rens: scratchin' dj
  walter hilhorst: programming and samples
  leki: raps 5
  peter schneider: conga's, bongo's and all kinds of percussion  1,3,5,9,10
  b-flow: human beatbox  11

produced by alien bitesize & walter hilhorst

  1. abdullahluvsupreme  (a.ibrahim, j.coltrane)

  2. harmony, but now as we know it  (s.luc, w.berlaen, l.beuvens)

  3. freedom jazz dance  (e.harris)

  4. tryin' 2 get it 2gether  (s.luc, w.berlaen, l.beuvens)

  5.  (s.coleman)

  6. rhythm, but not as we know it  (s.luc)

  7. pygmy twylyte  (f.zappa)

  8. chicken 'n spider  (s.luc)

  9. f.y.i.  (s.luc)

  10. two turntables and a microphone  (mr.rens, b-flow)

  11. strange meeting  (b.frisell)