alternative tv

25 years of alternative tv
    - incl. 'why don't you do me right' (frank zappa)

2002 cd uk dressed to kill - metro914

recorded in concert 2001/04/05 at 'cbgb', nyc, ny, usa

mark perry: vocals, guitar, tapes
tyrone thomas: guitar, backing vocals
grahame hullett: bass guitar, backing vocals
kevin mann: drums

  1. alternatives (perry, ferguson)
  2. action time vision (perry, ferguson)
  3. why don't you do me right (zappa)
  4. good times (perry, bennet, burns, thomas)
  5. ancient rebels (perry, ferguson)
  6. love lies limp (perry, ferguson)
  7. still life (perry, ferguson)
  8. communications failure (perry)
  9. nasty little lonely (perry, bennett, burns)
  10. life (perry, ferguson)
  11. total switch off (perry, ferguson)
  12. splitting in 2 (perry)
  13. how much longer (perry, ferguson)
  14. you bastard (perry, ferguson)