alternative tv

the image has cracked
– incl. ‘why don't you do me right’ (frank zappa)

1978 lp uk deptford fun city record 01

    (1994, cd, uk, anagram records cd punk 24)
    (1996, cd, uk, anagram records cd punk 24) with 'picture disc' label
    (20??, lp, italy, get back) = 180 g vinyl reissue

= recorded live at the "100 club", 1978/07/02

mark perry: vocals, guitar, tapes
chris bennet: drums
alex fergusson: guitar, vocals
tyrone thomas: bass

kim turner: guitar
jools holland: moog

produced by atv and chris gray

  1. alternatives (perry, ferguson)
  2. action time vision (perry, ferguson)
  3. why don't you do me right (frank zappa)
  4. good times (perry, bennet, burns, thomas)
  5. still life (perry, ferguson)
  6. viva la rock n' roll (perry, bennet, burns)
  7. nasty little lonely (perry, bennet, burns)
  8. red (perry)
  9. splitting in 2 (perry)

    cd bonus tracks  (7" a- en b-sides)
  10. love lies limp (fergusson/perry)
  11. life (fergusson/perry)
  12. how much longer (fergusson/perry)
  13. you bastard (fergusson/perry)
  14. another coke (bennett/burns/perry)
  15. life after life (bennett/burns/perry)
  16. life after dub  (bennett/burns/perry)
  17. the force is blind (perry)
  18. lost in a room (perry)
  19. how much longer? (diff. version) (fergusson/perry)
  20. you bastard (diff. version) (fergusson/perry)