anne frank zappa

Anne Frank Zappa is a Dutch garage punk band.

They released a 7" EP in 2010 in a limited edition of 300 copies.

Besides the band name and the cover of the 7" EP, there's no actual musical link to the music of Frank Zappa.


  anne frank zappa: anne frank zappa
    (2010, 7", nl, stardumb)
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review from PunkNews by GlassPipeMurder

With one of the less clever before-and-afters that have come along, Anne Frank Zappa brings their sloppy, amelodic brand of garage punk to record players everywhere with the release of their debut self-titled 7-inch on Stardumb.
Straight outta Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Anne Frank Zappa is the newest act from Jerry Hormone (ex-Ragin’ Hormones, the Apers, the Quotes), Elle Bandita, and Marcel Wiebenga (Das Oath).
Borrowing from the Thomas Hobbes School of Punk, Anne Frank Zappa’s rowdy rock ‘n’ roll is nasty, brutish and short. The opener, “I Breathe Fire” clocks in at a swift 1:25 before bleeding seamlessly into the equally concise and repetitive “Inside My Head.” The entirety of Side A checks in at a mere 3:10, concluding with the squealing punk of “A-B-C.”
The Side B leadoff is a little catchier, a blitzkrieg bootyshaker called “I Wanna Die for You.” Its successor, “Would You Kill for Me?” passes by before ever really getting going, while “(Hey Baby) Dig My Moves” is so muddled and grating it’s hard to even tell if it’s any good.
Like a lot of garage punk out there, Anne Frank Zappa is decent enough although not really anything special. There are a couple nice tunes on this 7-inch EP, but all in all it’s pretty standard fare.





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