hans annéllsson

Swedish musician and composer Hans Annéllsson does not hide his admiration for Frank Zappa's music. He covered various Zappa compositions on various albums.

More recently he has been playing a couple of Zappa tribute concerts with his band called One More Time For The World.

Hans Annéllsson is also a part of The Vegetarians, with whom he contributed a version of Frank Zappa's 'The Idiot Bastard Son' to "20 Extraordinary Renditions", Andrew Greenaway's project that got released on Cordelia Records.

Hans Annéllsson recorded a track for the "21 Burnt Weeny Sandwiches" tribute that got released on Cordelia Records in 2010.

December 2010, Hans Annéllsson released his 'Letter To Frank' on Soundcloud. It's a short instrumental guitar piece, dedicated to Frank Zappa. It can also be found on a 2010 (download only) release.

August 2011, The Vegetarians, featuring Hans Annéllsson, performed at Zappanale.


website: http://www.annellssongs.com/



  mobile: swedish magazines / truck
    (1980, 7", swe, ??)
  savoy: (jag vill inte ha nĺn) musik i min radio / om vi kunde komma tillbaka
    (1983, 7", swe, ??)
  annellsson's zic zac: kassandra
    (1985, 7", swe, ??)
1 hans annéllsson: annellssongs
    (1990, lp, swe, ??)
  hans annéllsson: nu är jag säker / frĺn halsen och ner
    (1991, 7", swe, ??)
2 hans annéllsson: tra la larsson
(1993, cd, swe, annellsongs) - incl. 'penis dimension', 'oh no', 'the black page' (frank zappa)

3 hans annéllsson: du är min sötsak
    (1995, cd, swe, lhm) - incl. 'uncle meat' (frank zappa), feat.morgan ĺgren

4 hans annéllsson: one more time for the world
    (1999, cd, swe, annellsongs) - incl. various zappa compositions, feat. mats & morgan

  hans annéllsson: du är min sötsak
    (2001, cd5", swe, ??)
5 hans annéllsson: one more time for the world some more
    (2002, cd, swe, anncd 8) - incl. 'what's the ugliest part of your body' (frank zappa)

  hans annéllsson: full fart utför
    (2004, cd, swe, ??)

annellsson_fullfart.jpg (46011 bytes)

  one more time for the world: live at kb
    (2004, cdr, swe, private release) - all compositions by frank zappa


hans annéllsson: detta har hant (1990 - 2006)
    (2006, cd, sweden, annellssongs) = compilation

  hans annéllsson: return of the son of one more time for the world
    (2006, download, --, --) - incl. zappa coververions

annellsson_thesonof.jpg (58590 bytes)

  the vegetarians: a vegetable soup of songs
    (2007, cd, swe, ??)

vegetarians_vegetablesoup.jpg (31123 bytes)

  various artists: 20 extraordinary renditions
    (2008, cd, uk, cordelia records) - all compositions by frank zappa

  hans annéllsson: den svenska modellen
    (2008, cd, swe, ??)

annellsson_svenskamodellen.jpg (38956 bytes)

  hans annéllsson: a pirate in ambient waters
    (2008, download, swe, ??)

annellsson_pirate.jpg (53244 bytes)

  the void minimalistic orchestra: void
    (2008, download, swe, ??)

tvmorchestra.jpg (14655 bytes)

  the vegetarians: fred zappelin
    (2009, download, swe, ??) = ep // - incl. zappa compositions

vegetarians_fredzappelin.jpg (25679 bytes)

  the vegetarians: 24 carrot songs
    (2009, download, swe, ??)

vegetarians_24carrot.jpg (53153 bytes)

  various artists: 21 burnt weeny sandwiches
    (2010, cd, uk, cordelia records) - all compositions by frank zappa

  hans annéllsson: bob x 4
    (2010, download, --, --)

hansannellsson_bob.jpg (73823 bytes)

  hans annéllsson: människans dummaste idé
    (2010, cd, swe, ??)

annellsson_manniskans.jpg (33320 bytes)

  hans annéllsson: med svenska mĺt mĺt
    (2010, download, swe, ??) - incl. 'letter to frank'

hansannellsson_matmat.jpg (37730 bytes)

  hans annéllsson: min dröm om sommaren
    (2010, download, swe, ??) = single

annellsson_mindrom.jpg (89045 bytes)

  the vegetarians: a vegetable radio soup
    (2010, cd, swe, ??) = ep

vegetarians_vegetablesoup.jpg (31123 bytes)

  press: release
    (2010, download, swe, ??)

press_release.jpg (45136 bytes)

  the vegetarians: your tongue
    (2011, download, swe, ??) = single

thevegetarians_tongue.jpg (76232 bytes)

  the vegetarians: remustered & remixed sald
    (2011, download, swe, ??) - incl. zappa compositions

vegetarians_remustered.jpg (96294 bytes)

  various artists: zappanale #22
    (2011, cd-promo, ger, arf society) - incl. various artists playing frank zappa compositions

zappanale22_samplercd.jpg (7720 bytes)

  the vegetarians: zappanale 22
    (2011, dvdr, ger, private release) - incl. various frank zappa compositions

vegetarians_z22_dvd.jpg (11301 bytes)

  hans annéllsson: för mycket lagom
    (2011, download, --, --)

annellsson_formycket.jpg (34181 bytes)

  various artists: zappanale #22 - retrospectacular
    (2011, cd, ger, arf society) - incl. various artists playing frank zappa compositions

zappanale22.jpg (12469 bytes)

  hans annéllsson: radioskugga med överdrag
    (2012, download, --, --) - feat. jimmy ĺgren & mats öberg

annellsson_radioskugga.jpg (97925 bytes)

  various artists: on broadway - covers of invention
    (2013, cd, uk, cordelia records)

onbroadway.jpg (23124 bytes)

  various artists: rare episodes
    (2014, cd, uk, cordelia) - all compositions by frank zappa
rare_episodes_cordelia.jpg (36285 bytes)
  hans annéllsson: prog idag
    (2014, cdr-on-demand, usa, cdbaby) - feat mats öbert and morgan ĺgren

hansannellsson_progidag.jpg (29496 bytes)

  hans annéllsson / mats öberg : fran a -> ö
    (2015, cd, sweden, annellssongs) - incl. 'penis dimension' (frank zappa)

annellsson_oberg2015.jpg (47327 bytes)

  hans annéllsson: retro är det nya
    (2015, download, --, cdbaby)

hans_annellsson_ardetnya.jpg (17524 bytes)

various artists: sons of mr. green genes
    (2016, cd, uk, cordelia records cd071) –  all different performances of frank zappa's 'mr. green genes'
sonsofmrgreengenes.jpg (25655 bytes)
  the vegetarians: let's have a good time
    (2016, download, usa, cdbaby) - feat. napoleon murphy brock, mats öberg, jimmy ĺgren / incl. 'amnerika' (frank zappa) and 'titles' (hans annéllsson's) of which the lyrics consists of zappa songs
vegetariansletshaveagoodtime2016.jpg (32091 bytes)
  various artists: mappa zappa
    (2018, cd, uk, cordelia records) - all compositions by frank zappa
  the vegetarians: touch me there
    (2020, download, --, bandcamp) - incl. 'touch me there' (frank zappa, l. shankar)
  the vegetarians: spirits will collide
    (2020, download, --, bandcamp) - feat. morgan agren
  various artists: would you like a snack?
    (2021, cd, uk, cordelia) - all zappa coverversions



random notes



In a couple of weeks, The Vegetarians will be performing at Zappanale. The Vegetarians feature Hans Annéllsson on guitar and vocals, so I just had to ask him some questions.

UniMuta : Hello Hans. Zappanale is only about three weeks away. Are you familiar with the festival?

Hans Annéllsson : Yes. I've never been there but I know musicians that have performed there, such as Mats & Morgan Band and Zapway.

UniMuta : You've recorded a number of solo albums, and more recently you've founded The Vegetarians. Can you tell us a bit about how this happened? And is there a big difference between recording under your own name and recording as a band?

Hans Annéllsson : On some of my solo albums I've been doing a lot of covers, mostly sung by John Marshall Gibbs. When we decided to do original material we needed a name and The Vegetarians was born. The Vegetarians is not really a band, it's more of a moniker for my songs in English. Recently I've also collaborated with another American singer, Marc Mollan, and he will be the lead singer at the Zappanale gig.

UniMuta : Everybody knows (or should know) that you have recorded quite a number of Zappa compositions on your albums. Both solo and with The Vegetarians. How did you pick the tunes?

Hans Annéllsson : As with all of my cover songs they're songs I really like and when I get an idea for a different arrangement I try to do a recording of the song.
I also find it quite inspiring to mess around with other peoples music every once in a while, it sort of puts my own composing in a new light.

UniMuta : German band "The Yellow Snow Crystals" will be performing Zappa in German. Is there a chance that we will get Zappa songs with Swedish lyrics? What can we expect from the concert?

Hans Annéllsson : First, I hope they've got the necessary permission to perform the songs. The only song that I've received permission to perform (on record or public) is 'Penis Dimension', 'Penisens Storlek' in Swedish. We won't perform any FZ songs in Swedish. Our setlist will be a mixture of FZ songs (focusing on some not so often performed), some prog covers (Crimson, Genesis etc.) and original material.

UniMuta : You'll be playing on Saturday at the festival. Do you plan to stay for the entire festival? Do you know any of the other bands that will be playing at the festival? Do you want to see any of them?

Hans Annéllsson : We will arrive late Friday evening and stay until Sunday afternoon. I've heard Project/Object (at BB Kings in NY), I know Colosseum and some of the other bands/performers. I would love to hear the Eddie Jobson Band, but we have to get back to Sweden Sunday evening.

UniMuta : I've been enjoying your records and your contributions to Andrew Greenaway's "20 Extraordinary Renditions" and "21 Burnt Weeny Sandwiches" a lot. I'm really looking forward to catch you live at Zappanale.

Thank you for the interview & see you soon.

The Vegetarians will be playing at Zappanale on Saturday August 20, 2011.
They'll be the first band on Saturday, so make sure to be there on time!!



the others of invention



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