with my favourite "mothers" and other bizarre muzik
    - cover drawing by cal schenkel
     / feat. bunk gardner, don preston, jc black, rick snyder

1992 k7 usa electrik yak 003

the ant-bee (billy james): vocals, drums, percussion, keyboard, tape
bunk (bunk gardner): sax, snorks
dom dewilde (don preston): keyboard
geronimo black (jimmy carl black): dialogue
herman monster (roy herman): guitar
lunar egg-clips (greg brosius): keyboards
purple plastic penguin (rick snyder): bass 8
the tragic sunbeam (marc oxindine): bass
the mod martian (rod martin): guitar
reoccuring schizms (scott renfro): tape manipulations
mr.lambchop (paul lamb): bass, french horn
mr.crisp (john criss): piano 8

  1. lunar egg-clips runs amuck
  2. the live jam
        once the clothes are off
        stringbeans, greenbeans + other assorted vegetables
        moon-pie cooked
  3. the girl with the stars in her hair
  4. dom dewilde speaks (don preston)
  5. geronimo black speaks (
  6. in a star
  7. live at the trip
        the fungus
        lunar egg-clips walks with the fungus
  8. do you like worms? (brian wilson)
  9. who slew the beast
  10. bunk speaks (bunk gardner)
  11. dom dewilde trnzforms (before your very ears) (don preston)
  12. dom dewilde speaks again (don preston)