electronic church muzik
- feat. various zappa & beefheart alumni

scheduled cd usa  


  1. birth
    gilli smyth: vocals / space whisper * bunk gardner: flute * ant-bee: glissando guitarre, percussion
  2. living
    michael bruce: guitars, bass, sitar * bunk gardner: sax * mod martian: trumpet * ant-bee: vocals, percussion, keyboards
  3. the language of the body
    daevid allen: vocal * don preston: keyboards, moog, electronics, music concrete middle section * bunk gardner: saxes * buzz gardner: trumpet * ant-bee: percussion, tape manipulations * cymbaline: "now is the time of our live"
  4. eye of agomoto
    don preston: keyboards * bunk gardner: sax * motorheard sherwood: snorks * jimmy carl black: "are you shaaggg!!!" * ant-bee: percussion, vibes, cuica, tape manipulations
  5. the guff (hall of souls)
    gilli smyth: vocal / space whisper * peter banks: guitar * ant-bee: percussion
  6. mallard flies towards heaven
    zoot horn rollo: guitar * rockette morton: bass * ant-bee: harp, washboard, percussion
  7. ant-bee's sunday supper
    michael bruce: vocals * chickens: chickens
  8. flutter-bye, butter-fllye
    michael bruce: guitars, bass, keyboards * sun raw: recorder * ant-bee: vocals, mellotron, percussion, violin, butter-flye-flap
  9. endless journey
    peter banks: guitars * ant-bee: percussion * humpback whale: vocals
  10. the light
    alessandro pizzin: keyboards * cor gout: vocals * ant-bee: tape manipulations, choral recontructions
  11. mannah
    jan akkerman: guitar * ant-bee: mellotron, percussion
  12. psalm 23
    artemiy artemiev: keyboards * ant-bee: choir
  13. hallelujah
    peter frohmader: keyboards, electronics, composition construction * ant-bee: percussion, vibes, tape manipulations * monks: chant
  14. the wrath - part one (the flood)
    ant-bee: harp, keyboards, vibes, mellotron, choral constructions, tape manipulations * animals: choir  * donkey: vocals
  15. secrets of the dead
    bruce cameron: guitars, bass, sitars * ant-bee: vocal, percussion, tape manipulations
  16. pennies from heaven
    groucho marx: vocals, and phone call of destiny
  17. the wrath - part two (baptism through fire)
    gilli smyth: "your destiny" * ant-bee: tape manipulations, war machine, bees, choral reconstructions
  18. the lords prayer
    the great computor: leader of prayer
  19. angels
  20. don't you ever learn?
    napoleon murphy brock: lead vocals * moogy klingman: keyboards * don preston: moog * bunk gardner: sax * napoleon's niece: back-ground vocals * jack: pedal steele * ant-bee: percussion, mellotron, vibes, tape manipulations
  21. re-birth
    gilli smyth: vocal / space whisper * daevid allen: "oh" * ant-bee: glissando guitarre, vibes, percussion
  22. final benediction - lord we thank you
    cymbaline: vocal