electronic church music
 (rough mixes, basic tracks and outtakes)

2004 cdr-pro usa private release


  1. birth - with gilli smyth - basic mix minus bunk gardner sax
  2. living - with michael bruce - scratch lead vocals on verses ad scratch drums
  3. body language - with daevid allen & don preston (middle section) minus bunk and percussion
  4. eye of agomoto - with bunk & don - minus real drums (scratch drum machine) and upright bass
  5. believe it - with michael bruce - minus lead and background vocals and percussion
  6. mallard flies towards heaven - zoot horn rollo & rockette morton - minus drums
  7. the guff - gilli smyth - minus peter banks
  8. flutter-buye, butter-fly - with michael bruce - minus vocals
  9. (hymn) - no title yet - with artemiy artemiev (russian composer / keyboardist)
  10. mannah - with jan akkerman - minus elements - wind and sheep
  11. (hymn) - no title yet - with peter frohmader (german composer / keyboardist)
  12. endless journey - with peter banks - minus background vocals and percussion and astronauts
  13. don't you ever learn (intro & middle) with bunk and don - minus a lot of stuff
  14. don't you ever learn (main sections) with napoleon murphy brock, moogy klingman - minus don p.synth solo, roger powell noise effects and drums and a ton of other stuff. the section will break in the middle for a minute or so and then resume - that is where the intro resurfaces.