the bizarre german e.p.
    - feat.bunk gardner, don preston, jc black

1994 7" ger lollipop shop bouncing splash 8

the ant-bee (billy james): vocals, drums, percussion, keyboard, tape
bunk (bunk gardner): sax, snorks
dom dewilde (don preston): keyboard
geronimo black (jimmy carl black): dialogue
herman monster (roy herman): guitar
the mod martian (rod martin): guitar
reoccuring schizms (scott renfro): tape manipulations, guitar
tragic sunbeam (marc oxendine): bass
mr.lambchop (paul lamb): bass, french horn
lunar egg-clips (greg brosius): keyboards

produced by billy james

  1. the girl with the stars in het hair (b.james)
  2. in a star (b.james)
  3. lunar egg-clips runs amuck (b.james)