pure electric honey (1)
    - feat.rantin'& ravin'(bob & suzanne harris)

1990 lp usa voxx vxs 200.056

    the ant-bee (billy james): vocals, drums, percussion, tablas, guitar, keys, tape

    herman monster (roy herman): guitar beans (greg lamastro): sitar
    the spiral staircase (todd rogers): keyboard
    purple plastic penguin (rick snyder): bass
    mod martian (rodney martin): slide guitar
    ymmit (timmy cannon): bagpipes
    the colonel (jeff wolfe): harmonica
    nedlok tocs (scott kolden): guitar
    om shanti (jeff marden): flute
    fuzzy martian (charlotte james): violin
    rantin' & ravin (bob harris & suzannah harris): vocals
    gouda & the potato: meows

arranged & produced by billy james

  1. intro
  2. eating chocolate cake (in the bath)
  3. my cat
  4. black & white cat, black & white cake
  5. silly fat fingers
  6. the wrong at once (has gone)
  7. sy ahhh!
  8. the green gin
  9. evolution no.7
  10. part I
  11. part II
  12. part III
  13. part IV
  14. outro