lunar muzik (3)
    - feat. bunk gardner, don preston, jc black, roy estrada, jim sherwood, bob harris

1995 cd uk divine records divine 20

the ant-bee (billy james): vocals, drums, percussion, keyboard, tape
father gong (daevid allen): guitar
bunk (bunk gardner): sax, snorks
dom dewild (don preston): keyboard
the indian of the group (jimmy carl black): dialogue
pachuco falsetto (roy estrada): laughter
motorhead (euclid james sherwood): snorks
hawklord (harvey bainbridge): synth
mr.nice guy (michael bruce): guitar, bass, keyboard
the platinum god (neal smith): drums
billion dollar bassist (dennis dunnaway): chanting
zillion dollar guitarist (glen buxton): guitar
professor drone (harry williamson): synth
the mod martian (rod martin): guitar, bizarre vocals
reoccuring schizms (scott renfro): tape manipulations, guitar
millet pancake (bob harris): impersonations
herman monster (roy herman): guitar
sonraw (george scala): recorder
brainyak (steve kale): guitar, harmonica
james bond (peter radloff): guitar
mix doctor (j.k.loftin): synth-guitar, bass
kapri-korn (lan nichols): bass
little joe (paul bruce): keyboards
monk (mike mcmanimen): keyboards
mike rowell: bizarre vocals
jeff marden: bizarre vocals
alan mcbrayer: bizarre vocals
suzanne mcbrayer: munchkin opera vocal

arranged & produced by billy james

  1. snorks & wheezes (james, gardner, preson, black, estrada, sherwood)
  2. child of the moon (jagger, richards)
  3. blew a banana thru the sun (billy james)
  4. the one who is gold (billy james)
  5. silicone hump (don preston)
  6. love is only sleeping (mike nesmith)
  7. by-and-by i touch the sky (james, bainbridge, smith)
        main theme
        the swan & the horseshoe excerpts
        the platinum god excerpts
        main theme revisited
  8. diva gliss (are ou sirius?) (allen, williamson, james)
  9. tears that fall unto the sky (billy james)
  10. return of the titanic overture (bruce, james)
  11. son of snoks & wheezes  (james, gardner, preson, black, estrada, sherwood)