butterflies - collected ballads

2001 cd switzerland private release arf-001

2001 studio recording

stefan strittmatter: guitar, keyboards, vocals
beat pachlatko: bass, vocals
christian specker: drums, percussion, vocals

produced by arf  

  1. butterflies   (s.strittmatter-b.pachlatko-c.specker)

  2. mrs. pumpernickel   (s.strittmatter-b.pachlatko-c.specker)

  3. mirra, mirra   (s.strittmatter-b.pachlatko-c.specker)

  4. zaphod beeblebrox   (s.strittmatter-b.pachlatko-c.specker)

  5. how listening to strange music can fuck up your mind - even if you're a frog called tony   (s.strittmatter-b.pachlatko-c.specker)

  6. instant chicken soup   (s.strittmatter-b.pachlatko-c.specker)

  7. the opening doors of saint helen   (s.strittmatter-b.pachlatko-c.specker)

  8. fish legs   (s.strittmatter-b.pachlatko-c.specker)

  9. camelot   (s.strittmatter-b.pachlatko-c.specker)

  10. tiny pink huvenlapsnms   (s.strittmatter-b.pachlatko-c.specker)