axe five
    - feat.bob harris, edgar riley

1996 cd eu mtm music
1996 cd jpn zero corp
1996 cd usa fore reel / neh records

bobby barth: guitar, backing vocals
edgar riley: keyboards, backing vocals
bob harris: keyboards, leadvocals
teddy mueller: drums
blake eberhard: bass, backing vocals

produced by bobby barth

recorded at neh studios, denver, co, usa

engineered by ian gilchrist

mixed by mark pinske, bobby barth & ian gilchrist

mastered by mark pinske, bobby barth & ian gilchrist

  1. magic
  2. heroes and legends
  3. sting of the rain
  4. life in the furnace
  5. burn me once
  6. where there's smoke
  7. holding on to the night
  8. anyplace on this highway
  9. battles