best of / volume 2
- feat.bob harris, edgar riley

1999 cd eur mtm music
  cd jpn marquis avalon

bobby barth: guitar, backing vocals
edgar riley: keyboards, backing vocals
bob harris: keyboards, leadvocals
teddy mueller: drums
blake eberhard: bass, backing vocals

produced by bobby barth

recorded at neh studios, denver, co, usa

engineered by ian gilchrist

mixed by ian gilchrist & bobby barth

mastered by ian gilchrist & bobby barth

  1. let the music come back

  2. hang on

  3. young hearts

  4. jennifer

  5. i don't want to be alone tonight

  6. midnight drives me mad

  7. steal another fantasy

  8. silent soldiers

  9. holding on

  10. dangerous games

  11. sympathize

  12. for a little while

  13. carry on
  14. masquerade