daevid allen

bananamoon obscura n14 - radio art 1984

2006 cd uk voiceprint / planet gong bmovp014cd

release volume 14 in a series of 20

limited edition of 1000 copies

daevid allen

"art radio" is defined as freely selected audio sequences created to induce changes in thinking & feelings without the distraction of the commercial imperative. "the d day dj" is an anarchist who chooses freely from their surrounding audio landscape, uninhibited by official protocols of artist identification.

samples captain beefheart

  1. psychic radio frontispiece

  2. anybody listening?

  3. thom: furtheron

  4. plenty past late

  5. listen matey

  6. hello

  7. radio brainwave - samples captain beefheart

  8. psychic radio

  9. art radio

  10. punk ironik

  11. telepathic radio