isabelle antena

tous mes caprices
    -  incl. 'village of the sun' (frank zappa)

1987 lp benelux les disques du crepuscule twi 842
1988 lp ger interphon iplp 2036
1988 cd nl crepuscule twi-842
1988 cd ch interphon ipcd 2035

isabelle antena: vocals
philippe de kock: keyboards
trevor murrell: drums
lamelle hinds: bass
frank michiels: percussion
patrick delterne: guitar
nicolas fizman: guitar
pietro lacirignola: saxophone
sharon ellington: backing vocals
ilona chale: backing  vocals
lloyd johnson: backing vocals

produced by isabelle antena and martin hayles

  1. tous mes caprices (powaga / fasy)
  2. 7 a.m. (powaga)
  3. romancia del amor (powaga / fasy)
  4. eclat de nuit (fasy / yared)
  5. une journée banale à new york city (powaga / fasy / moiraud)
  6. je respire (powaga / fasy)
  7. from day to day (de kock / verderame / powaga)
  8. memories (powaga)
  9. young captive (powaga)
  10. village of the sun (frank zappa)
  11. time to work (powaga / fasy)