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October 29, 2013, the BBC Concert Orchestra, the Southbank Sinfonia, the London Voices, and vocalists Claron McFadden, Tony Guilfoyle, Richard Strange, Ian Shaw, Brendan Reilly, Sophia Brous, Diva Zappa, Jessica Hynes, Jay Rayner and Scott Thunes performed Frank Zappa's "200 Motels, The Suites" in London, UK.

The orchestra was extended by a rock band that featured Joe Travers and Scott Thunes.
The complete orchestra got conducted by Jurjen Hempel.

Picture on the right: Al Fresco





200 Motels, The Suites - 2013 10 29 - Pre-Concert Talk - London UK

01 - Introduction by Gillian Moore

02 - 'Drool, Britannia'
featuring Richard Strange, Jay Rayner & Tony Guilfoyle

picture : Al Fresco

03 - Gillian Moore (left) talks to (from right to left) Jurjen Hempel, Scott Thunes, Joe Travers & Gail Zappa

picture : Al Fresco


200 Motels, The Suites - 2013 10 29 London UK


Claron McFadden - soprano
Tony Guilfoyle - Frank
Richard Strange - narrator, Rance
Ian Shaw - Mark
Brendan Reilly - Howard, Cowboy Burt
Sophia Brous - Groupie 1 (Janet), Larry the Dwarf
Diva Zappa - Groupie 2 (Lucy)
Jessica Hynes - Good Conscience, Donovan
Jay Rayner - Bad Conscience, Ginger
Scott Thunes - Jeff
BBC Concert Orchestra
Southbank Sinfonia
London Voices
Jurjen Hempel conductor
Stage-Manager: Johan Simons

the program
  • Overture
  • Went On The Road
  • Centerville
  • Tuna Sandwich Suite
  • The Restaurant Scene
  • Touring Can Make You Crazy
  • What's The Name Of Your Group?
  • Can I Help You With This Dummy?
  • The Pleated Gazelle
  • I'm Stealing The Room
  • Shove It Right In
  • Penis Dimension
  • Strictly Genteel


the program booklet

picture: Chris Christodoulou

picture: Harald Häring

picture: Harald Häring



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