arthur brown & jimmy carl black

brown, black & blue

1988 lp usa blue wave

    (1991, cd, usa, blue wave cd #109) - ltd.edition compact picture disc, 1000 copies
    (2008, download, --, crossfire publications)


arthur brown: vocals
jimmy carl black: drums
mike francis: sax
bob corbett: sax
gary primich: harmonica, guitar
john viehweg: guitar
frank meyer: bass
harold mcmillan: bass
leland parks: bass
bruce hughes: bass
nick conway: keyboards
phil fajardo: percussion
ester puger: backing vocals
chevelle hunter: backing vocals
demethea mcvay: backing vocals

produced by arthur brown & john viehweg

  1. fever
  2. monkey walk
  3. unchain my heart
  4. got my mojo working
  5. smokestack lightnin'
  6. hound dog
  7. help me
  8. the right time
  9. stand by me
  10. the lord is my friend