arthur brown & jimmy carl black

brown, black & blue

2008 download - crossfire publications

downloadable version of the 1988 / 1991 album

arthur brown: vocals
jimmy carl black: drums
mike francis: sax
bob corbett: sax
gary primich: harmonica, guitar
john viehweg: guitar
frank meyer: bass
harold mcmillan: bass
leland parks: bass
bruce hughes: bass
nick conway: keyboards
phil fajardo: percussion
ester puger: backing vocals
chevelle hunter: backing vocals
demethea mcvay: backing vocals

produced by arthur brown & john viehweg

  1. fever
  2. monkey walk
  3. unchain my heart
  4. got my mojo working
  5. smokestack lightnin'
  6. hound dog
  7. help me
  8. the right time
  9. stand by me
  10. the lord is my friend

2008 09
from CDBaby

Blues and pop classics from the legendary Arthur Brown ("Fire") and Frank Zappa's Mothers Of Invention drummer Jimmy Carl Black.

Arthur Brown is best known for "Fire," the #2 classic from 1968 by his group The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown. Arthur went on to form Kingdom Come and recorded with many different artists over the years. When he formed an Austin, Texas-based painting company called Two Gentlemen Of Color with former Mothers Of Invention drummer Jimmy Carl Black in the mid-1980s, they also decided to do an album together. They rounded up the band known as The Mannish Boys, featuring the late harmonica player Gary Primich, and recorded this album. Jimmy Carl Black also recorded an album with this band, entitled "A Lil' Dab'l Do Ya" (also available as a download-only release).