the band from utopia

the band from utopia
   - all compositions by frank zappa
        feat.tommy mars, robert martin, ike willis,
        arthur barrow, tom fowler, bruce fowler,
        kurt mcgettrick, ed mann & chad wackerman

1995 cd usa muffin records productions mrp 020

tommy mars: keyboards, vocals
robert martin: keyboards, vocals, saxophone
ike willis: guitar, vocals
arthur barrow: bass, guitar
tom fowler: bass, violin
bruce fowler: trombone, vocals
kurt mcgettrick: baritone sax, contrabass clarinet
ed mann: vibes, percussion
chad wackerman: drums
jay dittamo: drums

all titles arranged by the band from utopia

  1. chunga's revenge (frank zappa)
  2. ain't got no heart (frank zappa)
  3. take your clothes off when you dance (frank zappa)
  4. what's the ugliest part of your body (frank zappa)
  5. mother people (frank zappa)
  6. help i'm a rock (frank zappa)
  7. the eric dolphy memorial barbecue (frank zappa)
  8. city of tiny lights (frank zappa)
  9. pound for a brown (frank zappa)
  10. i'm a beautiful guy (frank zappa)
  11. the bebop tango (frank zappa)
  12. yo cats (frank zappa / tommy mars)
  13. zomby woof (frank zappa)
  14. sofa (frank zappa)
  15. andy (frank zappa)