behind the mirror & jimmy carl black

cockroach albert
    - incl. zappa material

1998 cd ger placebo records pr cd 03

parts recorded live june, july & september 1997

steffen moddrow: drums, vibes, vocals, percussion
hans schüttler: piano
georg stock: guitar, vocals
jimmy carl black: vocals, drums, percussion

produced by behind the mirror

  1. cockroach albert (moddrow, black)
  2. cockroach alert (moddrow, stock)
  3. steffen's lecture (black, moddrow, stock)
  4. tschaikowsky's revenge (moddrow, schüttler, stock)
  5. san fernando valley (black, moddrow, schüttler, stock)
  6. auf der beauty-farm (black, moddrow, stock)
  7. shampoo hinterm spiegel (schüttler)
  8. toad of the short forrest (frank zappa)
  9. those flaming drinks did it to him (black, moddrow, schütler, stock)
  10. road ladies (frank zappa)
  11. scratching behind the mirror (moddrow, schütler, stock)
  12. jazz is not dead... (black, moddrow, schütler, stock)
  13. king kong / black napkins (frank zappa)
  14. he's from another dimension (black)
  15. how can anybody control hans (schütler)
  16. splatting blues (black, moddrow, schütler, stock)
  17. knallharte wand (schütler)
  18. love of my life (zappa)