behind the mirror & jimmy carl black

an evening with jimmy carl black & behind the mirror

2001 cdr ger crater entertainment (= private release)
      ltd edition of 200 numbered copies

jimmy carl black: vocals, lyrics, drums
steffen moddrow: drums, percussion, lyrics, toys
georg stock: guitar, vocals, percussion

produced by behind the mirror and helmut king

  1. intro
  2. big leg emma (frank zappa)
  3. let's make the water turn black (frank zappa)
  4. take your clothes off when you dance (frank zappa)
  5. harder than your husband (frank zappa)
  6. electric aunt jemina (frank zappa)
  7. strassenrituale (black, moddrow, stock)
  8. splattin' blues (black, moddrow, stock)
  9. the great genetic side show (black, moddrow, stock)
  10. cockroach albert (steffen moddrow)
  11. take a walk on the test site, baby (black, moddrow, stock)
  12. the cd shop (black, moddrow, stock)
  13. sure 'nuff'n, yes i do (van vliet)
  14. willie the pimp (frank zappa)
  15. muffin man (frank zappa)