hamburger midnight
    = jimmy carl black & roy estrada

2008 download - crossfire publications

downloadable version of the 2002 album

recorded august - october 2002 in memmingen, germany

jimmy carl black: drums & vocals
roy estrady: bass & vocals
mick pini: slide & lead guitars, harp and vocals
peter bruder: rhythm guitar, harp, bacground vocals
gregor wittner: piano and hammond organ
jojo schick: percussion  13

produced by j.c.black & m.pini

cover art by helmut king

  1. political man (p.brown)
  2. hey baby, i feel so good (black, estrada, pini)
  3. directly from my heart to you (r.penniman
  4. blonde haired woman (j.c.black)
  5. 44 blues / how many more years (c.burnett)
  6. is it me or is it you (m.pini)
  7. hideaway (f.king)
  8. hamburger midnight blues (estrada, george)
    1. short stories (black, estrada, pini)
    2. don't bogart that joint (e.ingber, l.wagner)
  9. i won't be your fool no more (m.pini)
  10. evil (c.burnet)
  11. on the road again (jones, wilson)
  12. slinkin' around (black, estrada, pini)
  13. enron blues (black, estrada, pini)

2008 09
from CDBaby

Blues rock classics and originals by former Frank Zappa's Mothers Of Invention members Jimmy Carl Black and Roy Estrada with British blues guitarist/vocalist Mick Pini.

In early 2002, former Mothers Of Invention drummer Jimmy Carl Black gave his old bandmate, bassist Roy Estrada, a call to find out if he was interested in recording an album of blues favorites and originals. Roy was completely into it and it was the first time they had recorded together since 1970. They were joined by UK guitarist Mick Pini, who had played with JCB in blues bands over the years.

Recorded in Germany, the album contains the title track that Roy Estrada co-wrote and originally recorded with Little Feat. That song is presented as part of a medley and on its own for the first time. Roy also sings Little Richard's "Directly From My Heart To You," which Frank Zappa's Mothers Of Invention released on the album "Weasels Ripped My Flesh."