big sonny and the lo boys

in heat (1)
    - feat.jimmy carl black

1979 lp usa con safos records cs-4100

in 2008, the album was made available for download by crossfire, with 3 bonus tracks

byron farlow: guitar
rich farlow: bass
randy russ: guitar
chava villagas: percussion
jimmy carl black: drums, vocals
darrel black: drums

side one

  1. c.c. rider

  2. sick and tired

  3. love potion #9

  4. i'm a king bee

  5. summertime blues

  6. do you wanna dance

  7. i fought the law  

side two

  1. that acapulco gold

  2. mr. city policeman

  3. big leg woman (with a short short mini skirt)

  4. turnabout

  5. cherry pie

  6. sympathy for the devil