big sonny and the lo boys

in heat
    - feat.jimmy carl black

2008 download -- crossfire publications

downloadable version of the 1979 album, plus 3 bonus tracks

byron farlow: guitar
rich farlow: bass
randy russ: guitar
chava villagas: percussion
jimmy carl black: drums, vocals
darrel black: drums

  1. c.c. rider

  2. sick and tired

  3. love potion #9

  4. i'm a king bee

  5. summertime blues

  6. do you wanna dance

  7. i fought the law

  8. that acapulco gold

  9. mr. city policeman

  10. big leg woman (with a short short mini skirt)

  11. turnabout

  12. cherry pie

  13. sympathy for the devil

    the bonus tracks

  14. play your music

  15. funny money

  16. love me two times

2008 09
from CDBaby

Rock and roots classics from Big Sonny & The Lo Boys, assembled by Jimmy Carl Black (ex-Frank Zappa's Mothers Of Invention).

The Lo Boys were formed in 1973 after Jimmy Carl Black moved to Texas. After a few false starts, they finally made their recording debut on the single "Play Your Music"/ "Funny Money" in 1976 on the small Goldust label. Those tracks make their CD debut here.

The band finally gelled in early 1979 with JCB's addition of vocalist/guitarist Big Sonny Farlow, his brother Richard, lead guitarist William Randolph Russ III (who joined in 1976) and percussionist Chava Villegas.

Big Sonny & The Lo Boys decided to record an album of songs they liked along with a couple of their own tunes. All of the original album tracks on the Con Safo label are included along with the single-only A-side "Love Me Two Times" (a Doors cover). The B-side of the single, "Love Potion #9," later appeared on this album.

Big Sonny & The Lo Boys made a powerful statement with "In Heat," which was mainly performed for their biker-based crowds.

This is one of the most powerful albums that Jimmy Carl Black has ever done!