the bitch boys

The Bitch Boys recorded Frank Zappa's 'Memories Of El Monte' for "Lemme Take You To The Beach", a Zappa Surf album on Cordelia records.

These guys have quite a lot of albums out, and some nice looking t-shirts as well…

The Bitch Boys are:

Here’s a short chat with Robi from the Bitch Boys

Robi: We're The Bitch Boys, first Slovene instro surf band. We were formed in 1999 and recorded many demos , promos and albums from that day + appeared on many prestige surf compilations (REVERB CENTRAL) like Gnarly Reef, Tottaly Tubular, Locos Instrumentales... BTW Our album "...In Heat" was announced as " ever instru surf band ever by a modern surf band..." at PIPELINE MAGAZINE.

UM: Do you only play surf music?

Robi: We play only instrumental surf...well if we drink too much some times, you can actually hear us sing ha ha!

UM: Are you a Surf kind of person or band?

Robi: Surf band definitely...but person?? We count two Rock'a'billies and two happy punk rockers, and everybody loves surf...that's who we are!

UM: Is it your way of life? Do you really want to live in California?

Robi: ha ha, as we can see from many discussions, nobody except Britney Spears and similar artists can live from surf or any other kind of alternative rock'n'roll we might live from surf someday, but at the moment, we go to work. And to be honest, we have don’t have very "surfie" jobs: 2 teachers, a waiter and amechanic !!

UM: How did you find out about Alan's Zappa Surf Project?

Robi: We heard that on Cowabunga…

UM: Do you play (have you ever played) other Zappa compositions?

Robi: Not so far...I remembered "MEMORIES OF EL MONTE" and persuaded the rest of the band to play it because I'm a teen and doo wop music addict , otherwise I'm not familiar with his music. Anyway, I (we) can not understand how he ever came to an idea for that nice DOO WOP song??? I'm sure many fans and are not familiar we that track!


  the bitch boys: ghhsss
    (1999, cdr-demo, slo, private release)
  the bitch boys:the bitch boys
    (2000, cdr-promo, slo, private release)
  various artists: fv 2000
     (2001, cd, ??, fv music) – feat.the bitch boys
  various artists: gnarly reef
    (2001, cd, ??, kfjc 008cd) – feat.the bitch boys
  the bitch boys: …in heat
    (2002, cd, ??, rhit cd 001)
  various artists: the summer of 2002
    (2002, cd, ??, sw002) – feat.the bitch boys
  the bitch boys: the bitch boys present teasing with brassknuckles at playa del rey
    (2002, cdr-demo, slo, private release)
  various artists: totally tubular
    (2002, cd, ??, kfjc cd 2002) – feat.the bitch boys
  various artists: locos instrumentales
    (2003, cd, ??, isotonic records cd002) – feat.the bitch boys
  various artists: modern surf band spotlight
    (2003, cd, ??, golly gee ggr1 099) – feat.the bitch boys
  the bitch boys: behind the hound dog walls
    (2003, cdr-demo, slo, private release)
  the bitch boys: quiet bells of el monte
    (2003, cdr, slo, ikebana records) - incl.'memories of el monte' (frank zappa)

  various artists: diggin’ for gold
    (2004, 2cd, ??, double crown record dccd18 cd) – feat.the bitch boys
  various artists: lemme take you to the beach
    (2004, cd, uk, cordelia records cd035) - all compositions by frank zappa


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