black brown stone

black brown stone
- feat.jimmy carl black, incl. 'hot rats' (=willie the pimp)  (frank zappa)

2007 cdr bel private release 'soj neets 29'

recorded december 4, 2006, at studio toots at vrt in brussels, belgium

jimmy carl black: drums
steven de bruyn: harmonica
jos steen: vocals, electric guitar, piano

all compositions by jos steen, except where noted

  1. the devil's music
  2. the meeting of the devil blues
  3. heaven blues
  4. rollin' and tumblin'  (w.newburn)
  5. the google boogie
  6. change sometime
  7. the devil's highway
  8. zomerwater and avondbrood
  9. sad glad (song for jimmy)
  10. les pierres ont des oreilles pour manger l'heure exacte (for dali)
  11. moeilijkheden / yer blues  (lennon, mccartney)
  12. hot rats  (f.zappa)