bobby bradford

Bobby Lee Bradford (born July 19, 1934 in Cleveland, Mississippi) is an American jazz trumpeter, cornetist, bandleader, and composer. He is noted for his work with Ornette Coleman.

Bradford grew up in Mississippi and moved with his family to Dallas, Texas in 1946. He moved to Los Angeles, California in 1953 where he reunited with Ornette Coleman, whom he had previously known in Texas.
Bradford subsequently joined Coleman's ensemble but was replaced not long after by Don Cherry when he drafted into the U.S. Air Force. After playing in military bands for three or four years, he later rejoined Coleman's quartet from 1961 to 1963, a period during which the group did not record and performed publicly infrequently. Bradford was again replaced, this time by Freddie Hubbard, when he left to pursue further studies.

Later, Bradford began a long running association with the clarinetist John Carter, a pairing that brought both increased exposure. Don Preston contributed to four album by Carter and / or Bradford.

Following Carter's death in 1991, Bradford fronted his own enseble known as The Mo'tet, with which he has continued to perform since.



  john carter: dance of the love ghosts
    (1987, cd, can, gramavision) - feat.don preston  

  john carter: shadows on a wall
    (1988, cd, can, gramavision) - feat.don preston


bobby bradford - john carter quintet: comin' on
    (1989, cd, switzerland, hat records) - feat. don preston

  john carter: fields
(1990, cd, sw, gramavision) - feat.don preston

  levin, bradford & preston: asymmetrical construct
    (2001, cdr, usa, brain records)

  don preston: works
    (2007, usa, cd, crossfire publications) - feat.bunk gardner



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