the brecker brothers

Michael and Randy Brecker played one concert with the Zappa band in 1976. Besides their solo output and their numerous contributions to various other records, they performed and recorded as the Brecker Brothers between 1975 and 1982.

In 1992, the got back together again and performed at the North Sea Jazz Festival. The picture on the right was taken from the tv-broadcast from this concert and features Randy Brecker, Michael Brecker and Mike Stern.

Parts of this show got broadcast on 1992/11/06 on dutch national television: Ned.3. The program was called “North Sea Jazz Rock 1992”.



discography - the brecker brothers

  the brecker brothers: collection volume one
    (1975, lp, usa, arista) = compilation
  the brecker brothers: collection volume two
    (19??, lp, usa, rca) = compilation
  randy brecker with michael brecker & wdr big band: some skunk funk
    (2006, cd, ??, bhm production - zyx music)
  brecker brothers: live in tokyo
    (2012, dvd, ??, ??)



Brecker Brothers

Brecker Brothers with the Metropole Orchestra

Brecker Brothers Acoustic Band



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