the bridgeport jazz ensemble

High school band, The Bridgeport Jazz Ensemble, released a couple of Frank Zappa pieces on 7" in the early seventies.
They performed the Joe Boerst arrengements of these Zappa pieces.


  the bridgeport jazz ensemble: hairy medley / peaches en regalia
    (1970, usa, 7", private release) - incl. 'little umbrellas', 'it must be a camel', 'son of genes', 'peaches en regalia'

random notes 

2008/12, Joe Boerst adds:

In 1969 Bob Mintzer came to my recording studio. He handed me an album and said I had to listen to it!!! HOT RATS !!! 
After listening I began arranging for Mamaroneck High School Jazz Ensemble. Warner Brothers published the arrangements of Peaches En Regalia and Hairy Medley. Later, Warner Bros published my arrangement of Chunga's Revenge.
The 7 inch 45 RPM recording is most likely the Warner Bros demo of the arrangements. Performed by the University of Bridgeport Jazz Ensemble. 
Recorded at Vanguard Studios 23rd Street NYC in the fall of 1970. Somewhere I have a letter from Herb Cohen (Frank's business manager) thanking Warner Bros for the business. I am pleasently suprised to see the arrangements are still getting around.


Joe Boerst


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