brussels philharmonic

March 2014, the Brussels Philharmonic performed the main concert at the "Zappa - Arf! Arf! Arf!" festival in Antwerp, BE.

Novbemer 2018, the Brussels Philharmonic performed two Zappa pieces during the opening of the Ars Musica festival.



2014 03 21 - 2014 03 22  "Arf ! Arf ! Arf !"

19 March 2014
movies @ CinemaZuid
The World's Greatest Sinner - The Amazing Mr. Bickford - 200 Motels (new version)

21 March 2014
concerts @ deSingel
Capt. Cheese-Beard & The 7 Sisters Of Prevention feat. Robert Martin
Flat Earth Society feat. Mauro Pawlowski & Pierre Vervloesem in Terms Of Embarrassment

22 March 2014
lecture @ deSingel
Ben Watson on Zappology

22 March 2014
concerts @ deSingel
The Wrong Object
Brussels Philharmonic feat. Robert Martin

22 March 2014
afterparty @ Petrol
dj's Mauro Pawlowski, Bootsie Butsenzeller, Carlo Tune Up & Louis Katorz





Brussels Philharmonic plays Zappa and Zorn

Brussels Philharmonic
Brad Lubman - conductor
Carolina Eyck - theremin
Pierre Charial - barrel organ

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