Buckethead is a Frank Zappa and Residents inspired guitar player.









  buckethead: bucketheadland
    (1992, cd, japan, disk union / avan 007)
  buckethead: giant robot
    (1994, cd, japan, sony music entertainment)
  buckethead: electric tears
    (20??, cd, usa, mee 15)
  buckethead: electric sea
    (2012, cd, usa, abstract logix)




  • 2008/06/03 concert 'Waiting Room', Omaha, Nebraska
    • Robot noise intro, Night Of The Slunk, Botnus, Botnus Continued - Crash Victim -, Rvenge Of The DoubleMan, Ghost House, ?, Brewer In The Air, Gory Head Stump, Soothsayer, Toys, Jordan, Mad Monster Party, Mandolin, King James, ?-Foxy Lady, Asylum of Glass-Red Hot Mamma-We Can Rebuild Him, Jowls, Hog Bitch Stomp, Bucketheads Toy Store, ?, That1Guy Jam, Welcome To Buckethead Land
    • a matrix video recordings of this concert cirulates!



random notes

In 1999, comic book / graphic novel artist Dave McKean made a comic book to promote Buckethead's "Monsters And Robots" release.

The 20-page booklet was entitled "A Comic Book Presentation of the World of Buckethead".



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